The business scope of the Bauhinia Coatings Group (“the coatings group”) covers architectural coatings, industrial coatings and resins. In order that it can meet the needs of rapid business development in future, the coatings group has set up a production base in Jinshan Fine Chemical Industrial Park in Shanghai. This production base has an annual capacity to produce around 200,000 metric tons of coatings, complementary solvents and associated products.

Architectural Coatings
The architectural coatings business includes household paints (water-based emulsion paints and wood paints) and construction paints (inner and outer wall paints).  The coatings group strives to be the leader in China’s household paints market. With sales outlets covering China’s large and medium-sized cities as well as the majority of townships, the coatings group has won favourable comments and goodwill from innumerable users.  In the construction paints market, the professional products and exceptional services of the coatings group have gained the confidence of many well-known property developers. With long term strategic partnership forged with many of these developers, projects using the coatings group’s construction paints can now be found across the country.

With the growing environmental awareness and health consciousness of consumers, the coatings group has been staying innovative in order to provide consumers with a safe, healthy and refreshing home environment. To this end, it has rolled out a number of new eco-friendly products and developed a range of advanced environmental technologies.

Industrial Coatings
Industrial coatings consist of a range of products, including coatings for furniture as well as coatings for use in plastic and mechanical products.   The industrial paints of the coatings group have been maintaining rapid growth over the years.   Its superb product quality and professional services have succeeded in eliciting a high degree of trust from new and old customers alike. 

Industrial coatings laboratory is an accredited laboratory recognized by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (“CNAS”).  As such, it can offer testing services upon customer requests. It can also issue various types of testing reports on customer products that have the same validity as those issued by China Commodity Inspection Bureau. This serves not only to provide solid guarantee on product quality, but also substantially expand the room for cooperation between the coatings group and the end-users or using entities of a host of international brands.

The coatings group also produces resins, so that vertical integration with the production of finished coating products can be made. This will provide more competitive raw materials and will further raise product quality.   It is specialized in six groups of products, including alkyd resins, acrylic resins, PU hardeners, UV resins, amino resins and water-based resins, with the flexibility to develop coating resins in accordance to customers’ requirements.

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