Yip’s Chemical’s inks business was started in 1998. By now it is China’s largest supplier of inks under the Bauhinia Variegata brand and one of the top 20 ink enterprises globally. Plastic printing inks and paper printing inks for use in food, drinks and gift packaging and paper printing are the main Bauhinia Variegata products. With manufacturing bases in strategic locations throughout Southern, Eastern and Northern China, these products are sold over a countrywide sales network.

In order to meet safety production requirements, Bauhinia Variegata takes the lead in establishing separate aromatic-free production plant and introducing fully piped manufacturing mode.  The Bauhinia Variegata production system is not only equipped with the most advanced automatic controls, but is also one of the few in China linked to an Enterprise Resources Planning system.  In addition, in its effort to protect employee health and the environment, Bauhinia Variegata has also become one of the first companies in the China’s inks industry in adopting a hazardous substance process management system.

Bauhinia Variegata is a staunch advocate of environmental protection and is leading the industry in both environmentally friendly products and green technologies. Not only named an “Outstanding Eco-friendly Ink Manufacturer”, it successfully develops water-based inks with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and its FD series of ecofriendly soy offset printing inks has also won a “Green Technology Award” on the basis of its highly effective environmental properties and clean operation practices. In addition, equipped with a laboratory that has been certified by CNAS, Bauhinia Variegata provides a professional product testing service.

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