Solvents form the largest part of the Group’s core businesses and the Group is the world’s largest acetate solvents producer. A major turn of event took place in 1993 when Handsome Chemical Development Limited, a Group subsidiary, set sight on the opportunities made available from the reform and liberalization in China and formed a joint venture with Jiangmen Qisheng Chemical Development Company Limited. By capitalizing on the advantages of a sino-foreign joint venture and by complementing each other, the two partners were able to achieve 20 years of dazzling performance.

The Group produces mainly eco-friendly industrial organic solvents.  These include ethyl acetate, normal butyl acetate, mixed butyl acetate, ethanol and butyl acrylate which are extensively used in industries in coatings, tannery, medicine and adhesives. The solvents division has established production bases in Southern and Eastern China. The business maintains a huge sales force and operates a sales network that covers the whole of China and reaches overseas. By operating mainly on a direct-sales basis, it manages not only in ensuring thorough and satisfactory services, but also in affording its sales team a better understanding of customer needs — a vital edge of the business.

Customers have always been the Group’s main concern and the pre- and post-sales customer-oriented services of the solvents business have, over the years, won the trust and support of customers. We cooperate with world-class chemical companies in sourcing for raw materials of superior and stable quality as a way to guarantee product quality. 

Presented with China’s huge market demand, Yip’s Chemical grasps full advantage of the opportunity not only by expanding its acetate solvents capacity to ensure its competitive edge in the industry, but also by developing new related products that offer synergic effects in order to expand product portfolio.

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