Environmental Protection

Clean Production

The Group pursues energy conservation and emission reduction vigorously. Clean production is keenly enforced in its factories and no effort is spared in minimising pollution generated during production.

The Zhongshan plant of Bauhinia Variegata Inks, a Yip’s Chemical subsidiary, underwent technological upgrade in 2014 and started employing automatic raw material feeding equipment in its production. By utilising digital computer technology that allows precise calculation, the equipment can effectively ensure product quality while minimising the generation of dust and odour during the feeding process. At the same time, the laboratory in the Zhongshan plant also started using a “Fresh Air Heat Exchanger”. In this device, a paper core total heat exchanger is installed in the air-conditioning system not only to minimise cooling output and indoor concentrations of carbon dioxide and volatile organic chemicals, but also to raise power consumption efficiency. Furthermore, the closed pipeline mode of production can reduce environmental pollution to a substantial extent and contribute towards an eco-friendly work environment.

Research and Development of Green Products

The coatings subsidiaries of Yip’s Chemical have been adhering to the objective of developing “eco-friendly, low carbon and high performance” coatings and relentlessly developing quality coating products suitable for the China market. In 2014, a host of good selling value-for-money products such as “Bamboo Charcoal Odourless Paint”, “All-in-one Glossy Paint” and “Water-based Eco-friendly Wood Paint” were launched by Bauhinia Paints. In addition, it also rolled out for its industrial customers a range of eco-friendly coating solutions including water-based and UVcurable coatings for wood.

In 2014, Bauhinia Paints launched a super-odourless and antiformaldehyde all-purpose wall paint. By adopting Bauhinia Paints’ innovative odour removal technology and no-additive technology, the product is odourless because the amount of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and other volatile organic matters is lowered to undetected level. This product also possesses formaldehyde removing properties that can effectively adsorb and rid formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful pollutants present in indoor air, thus bringing a comfortable and safe environment to household residents and construction workers alike. Bauhinia Paints also introduced an eco-friendly waterbased wood paint for household wood furniture. By adopting an advanced technology, the wood paint is heat-resistant, yellowing resistant and chemical resistant while the level of volatile organic compounds is kept to 30% below international limit. In other words, this water-based wood paint possesses both eco-friendly and high performance properties.

The development of eco-friendly products is also the focus of Bauhinia Variegata Inks. In 2014, it introduced a GE series of alcohol soluble polyurethane eco-friendly composite ink. This product is particular suitable for use in food packaging where requirements for solvent residues are stringent. Besides, it has superb ink printing controllability and is easy to use. Another product it launched successfully is the Non Volatile (NV) series of offset printing ink. With one of the lowest volatile organic matter levels in the world (less than 1%), this 100% vegetative oil-based ink will meet the latest international environment regulations. In order to offer more high-performance eco-friendly ink products to the market, Bauhinia Variegata Inks does not use benzene or ketone type of solvents in its production.

Use of Resources

The Group is committed to raising the environmental consciousness of its employees by encouraging them to adopt good energy housekeeping and minimise waste systematically at the job and personal levels. In the area of energy conservation, following the replacement of all T8 fluorescent tubes with T5 ones in the Group’s headquarters in Hong Kong, some T5 fluorescent tubes were replaced by LED lights in the period to further reduce power consumption. Also, it has been decided that whenever outdoor temperature drops to below 20oC, all indoor air-conditioners will be turned off. In addition, to better encourage employees to adopt environmental practices in work procedures so as to minimise electricity and paper usage, tips on environmental protection were disseminated to remind employees of green lifestyle practices at all times.

Active Support of Environmental Activities

Yip’s Chemical actively supports and participates in activities organised by various environmental bodies in Hong Kong and the mainland to heighten staff awareness on low-carbon living and environmental protection. For nine straight years since 2006 “Yip’s Chemical Volunteers”, the corporate volunteer team (the “Team”), has been participating in the Tree Planting Challenge organized by Friends of the Earth Hong Kong, and for three consecutive years since 2012 they have participated in the Earth Hour energy conservation activity run by World Wide Fund for Nature. In the year, the corporate volunteer team also arranged mainland staff members in eastern China to clean up beaches in Shanghai.