Social Responsibility

Community Involvement

The board of directors of the Group adopted the “Policy on Community Investments, Sponsorships and Donation” in 2014. Applicable to the Group and all its subsidiaries, this policy aims at setting up consistent guidelines and standards in the allocation of resources to community investments, sponsorships and donation with the view to further promoting the strategic and effective use of resources so that, while contributing towards community development at the localities of operation, balanced and healthy development of businesses can also be achieved.

Mobile Eye Surgery Centre Donation Programme

The Group involves actively in supporting the vision restoration and poverty alleviation campaigns in the mainland by offering practical assistance to help those in need improve their health and quality of life. Based on this conviction, it is implementing an “Eye Surgery Centre Donation Programme”—a long-term project aimed at helping the multitude of cataract patients in the mainland restore vision.

Since 2008, the Group has been providing eye surgery to impoverished cataract patients living in remote areas in the mainland through the donation of one mobile eye surgery centre worth about HK$2.5 million every year. After donating the first two mobile surgery centres, the Group entered into an agreement with Asian Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness (AFPB) and China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF) for implementing a “Ten-Year Mobile Eye Surgery Centre Donation Programme” in 2010. Under this agreement, Yip’s Chemical plans to donate 10 mobile eye surgery units in the decade beginning 2010 to CDPF through AFPB for the benefits of mainland cataract patients.

Up until 2014, the Group has donated six such mobile units respectively to Jiangsu, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Heilongjiang and Shanxi, amounting to about HK$15 million in total donation.

Up to 31 December 2014 since the launch of the programme, the six mobile eye surgery units have successfully provided cataract removal surgery for around 37,800 patients.

Apart from being a donor of mobile units, every year Yip’s Chemical Volunteers calls on employees of the Group and its mainland subsidiaries to pay a three-day visit to province receiving donation of the mobile surgery units to gain a better understanding of the significance and effectiveness of their work. In the period under report, 18 members of the team went to Heilongjiang to carry out cataract prevention education and visit cataract patients and ex-patients.

Corporate Volunteer Team

Since its inception in September 2011, Yip’s Chemical Volunteers has been upholding the principle of “From the Community, For the Community” in promoting volunteer work. They regularly organise and participate in a range of volunteer activities and encourage their colleagues to go into communities and help people in need.

In 2014, the target service recipients of the corporate volunteer team was extended to include seniors—by taking an interest in the livelihood of senior citizens, services were offered to those in need. In the period, the Team cooperated with Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service (HKLSS) in carrying out dementia assessment for about 30 seniors. In addition, through a charity sale day, the Team raised money for HKLSS elderly centres for use in their refurbishing. The Team also joined the senior citizen home visit and telephone greeting programme run by the Senior Citizen Home Safety Association. They were involved in phoning 150 seniors to understand their daily life situations and help pass on all-is-well messages to them. In the mainland, the senior citizen services of the Team covered 100 seniors living in an elderly centre in Pudong New Area, Shanghai. Team members showed their care by cooperating with the centre’s seniors in making paper-cuts of zodiac signs.

In addition to senior citizen services, the Team also supported the “Physically Handicapped and Able-bodied Love Carnival” hosted by a charity, Silver Lining Foundation, to raise funds for the rehabilitation training of mainland cerebral palsy children.

The Group is committed to capitalising its specialty to help improve communities. In the year, Bauhinia Paints donated paints to the Community Art Centre for Orphaned and Disabled Children of the Alumni of The University of Hong Kong for painting 500 sq. m of walls in the reading room, parlour, handicraft room and music room. After the refurbishing, children took delights in using the art centre.

Mainland members of the Team are also active in participating in volunteering services, with promoting green living and caring disadvantaged groups being their service themes. In the year, they organised such activities as rubbish collection and classification in mountain areas, ocean protection, visitations of seniors and households in difficulties. They also donated daily use items and learning aids to poor needy pupils.

In 2014, Yip’s Chemical employees in Hong Kong and the mainland and their relatives and friends contributed a total of 1,269 hours of volunteer service involving 285 participants. Since the establishment of Yip’s Chemical Volunteers in September 2011, the accumulated hours of services and number of participants are 4,194 hours and 848 persons respectively.

Student Sponsorship and Scholarship

Yip’s Chemical well understands that the next generation is the master of future society and is therefore keen to sponsor education.

For nine straight years since 2006 Yip’s Chemical has been carrying out a student sponsorship programme in Jiangmen, Guangdong. In 2014, the Group donated about RMB600,000 for sponsoring 94 poor needy students who excelled in the matriculation examination, for awarding scholarship to the top 15 students from the arts stream and science stream in matriculation classes and for recognising 22 outstanding teachers of graduating classes.

Yip’s Chemical is also actively involved in the “Seagull Scholarship Programme” by offering summer internship to undergraduates sponsored by the non-profit organisation running the programme. In 2014, the Group provided one-month internship for 30 Seagull-sponsored undergraduates at various departments of its subsidiaries. On top of getting paid for their work, each intern was also given free meal, room and board as well as transportation expenses.