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Management Trainee Programme

Yip's Chemical Holdings Limited focuses on the production and sales of petrochemical products which fall under four main categories: solvents, coatings, inks and lubricants. Over time, it has grown in size and become one of the largest chemical manufacturers in China and the largest producer of acetate solvents globally. Yip’s Chemical, headquartered in Hong Kong, has a Group’s R&D center in Zhangjiang, Shanghai. Various manufacturing plants spread all over China and the Group boasts a distribution network that covers all major provinces and cities.

Yip's Chemical continues to launch the Management Trainee Programme to build up our talent base. High caliber graduates from the tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, China and abroad are recruited and provided with comprehensive training and development opportunities. Yip's Chemical Management Trainee Programme offers you a long-term career path. You will be working with a group of professional managers and moving along your career trajectory in a promising manner.